Consultation & Support: Drop-In Hour

What is it?

The Consultation & Support program at CMHS provides informal, confidential consultation with therapists from CMHS. The service is free of charge and offered on a first come first serve basis, Monday – Friday, 1:00 -2:00pm, when school is in session.

Consultation clinicians will provide support, coaching, and connect students to other campus resources as needed. Although therapists provide this service, it is not a substitute for formal counseling. The Consultation & Support drop-in hour is also not suited to treat mental health emergencies; students who are experiencing a mental health crisis are encouraged to utilize CMHS On-Call services by calling 860-486-4705.

Who is it for?

Students who may benefit from attending a Consultation & Support session include:
• Students who are looking for advice on a non-clinical issue.
• Students who are unsure about therapy and are curious about what it is like to talk to a therapist.
• Students who may have concerns about the mental health of a friend and seek advice on how to support their friend.
• Students who require assistance connecting to campus resources but are unsure where to begin.

How is this program beneficial?

The goals of this program are manifold. The Consultation & Support program gives space for students to seek immediate support for non-emergent issues. By doing so, the program provides support to students in need before they reach the level of crisis. This benefits students’ mental health, as well as our long-term allocation of resources within CMHS. Furthermore, Consultation & Support meets the social justice mission of CMHS, by reducing barriers to service for student populations who are less likely to seek formal therapeutic treatment.