Alcohol and Other Drug Services

Alcohol and Other Drug Services at CMHS are designed to offer specialized help to those who’s alcohol and other drug use has progressed beyond college experimentation. We help by:

  • Identifying those at-risk as early as possible
  • Helping stop the progression of substance-related problems from reaching a point where academic careers, health, relationships, social life, and legal status is jeopardized.


Through education, group therapy and brief individual counseling, and collaborating with outside providers for more intensive services, we help students halt the downward spiral and reclaim control of their lives.


If you’re interested in our services, please call CMHS (860-486-4705) to complete a brief phone assessment with one of our clinicians.


Campus and Community Resources


  • AOD Prevention Services: To schedule a BASICS evaluation (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students), MAPP (Marijuana Abuse Prevention Program) and/or to obtain a schedule of UConn Self Help Groups on campus (e.g. A.A. and AL-ANON weekly meetings) contact the Office of Wellness and Prevention Services.


  • Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery: The Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) is a centralized resource for all things recovery in the state of Connecticut. They support those who are both new to recovery and those who are in long-term recovery.  In addition to connecting people to others in recovery, they can also provide access to area support services.