Alcohol and Other Drug Services

The Alcohol and Other Drug Services program at CMHS is designed to expand the continuum of services provided to students by offering specialized help to those who’s alcohol and other drug use has progressed beyond college experimentation. We help by:

  • Identifying those at-risk as early as possible
  • Helping stop the progression of substance-related problems from reaching a point where academic careers, health, relationships, social life, and legal status is jeopardized.

Through education, short-term group and individual counseling, and collaborating with outside providers for more intensive services, we help students halt the downward spiral and reclaim control of their lives.

Students who want an Initial Assessment and Consultation, Call 860.486.4705
Staff & Faculty who would like a consultation on a substance-related matter involving a student, Call 860.486.4705.

AOD Clinical Services

Initial Assesement
Student’s present for an initial interview for the AOD Interventionist to obtain data about the student’s substance use history, to develop a preliminary impression of the student’s presenting concerns, and to explore the student’s motivation for treatment.

Individual Therapy
Brief individual therapy focuses on current substance use issues and concerns. The goal of the work is to promote individual growth and to develop the coping skills necessary to manage emotional discomfort productively.
Couples Therapy
Brief couples therapy focuses on current substance abuse issues and concerns affecting the relationship.
Group Therapy
Groups are compromised of 6-10 students. Groups meet 1-1/2 hours weekly. CMHS offers a variety of substance abuse groups based on clients’ needs.
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Group:  This group is designed for students who are still abusing alcohol or others drugs. The goal of this group is to support and motivate readiness for change regarding patterns of use and abuse of substances.
  • Families with Addictions Group: This group is designed for students who come from families where substance abuse was prevalent. The goal of this group is to support such students as they struggle with the various negative consequences of substance abuse in the family of origin.
  • UCONN Recovery Community: This UCONN Recovery Community (URC) is a joint venture between CMHS and Wellness and Prevention Services. The mission of the URC is to provide an environment that is supportive to the needs of students recovering from addiction. Visit the Wellness and Prevention website for more information
Medication Evaluation and Monitoring
Individual sessions are arranged with either a psychiatrist or an advanced practice registered nurse to assess appropriateness for medication as well as to provide ongoing management of medication. Students must have a referral from the AOD Interventionist and/or their therapist to access medication services.
CMHS works with students to connect with other campus resources as well as with resources in the community if they are in need of services that CMHS does not provide.
Consultation Outreach
University staff and faculty members with questions about the alcohol and / or other drug use of any student are highly encouraged to consult with the CMHS AOD Interventionist and may do so by calling 860.486.4705. University staff and faculty members interested in an outreach presentation can contact the Interventionist by calling 860.486.4705.
AOD Prevention Services
To schedule a BASICS evaluation (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students), MAPP (Marijuana Abuse Prevention Program) and to obtain a schedule of UConn Self Help Groups on campus (e.g. A.A. and AL-ANON weekly meetings) contact the Office of Wellness and Prevention Services or call 860-486-9431.