CBT Pad – $4.99

Helpful for recording precipitating event, automatic thoughts, consequences of these thoughts, an objective assessment, and steps for further action.


Breathing Zone – Free (Full Version $3.99)
Guided breathing exercises to help decrease anxiety and increase relaxation.


Mobilyze – Free
Allows users to rate their mood.  If the program senses the user’s mood is lower than average, it provides a coping card, such as: “Give a friend a call or get out of the house- you’ll feel better if you do!”


Simply Being– $1.99

Guided meditations for practicing relaxation, being more present in the moment, and assistance for falling asleep.


Relax Melodies – Free

Includes 50 relaxing sounds that allows users to save favorites and set timers/alarms to assist with falling asleep.


Time Out – Free

Helpful when using the computer/studying for hours at a time.  Prompts users to take short breaks (and times the breaks!) to help promote clarity and increase productivity.


Simply Yoga– Free (Full Version $3.99)

Offers two levels of yoga and 20, 40, or 60 minute sessions. 


PTSD Coach – Free

Includes features such as “manage my symptoms” or “find support.”  Users can input their current emotional state and rate their distress from 1-10.  The app presents coping skills, or in the case of distress rated a 9 or 10, suggests calling the a support hotline or crisis management.


Let Panic Go – Free

Encourages individuals to decrease their breathing during a panic attack, as well as provides suggestions do cope with other symptoms of panic.


Gratitude Journal 365 – $1.99

Provides a space to maintain a daily journal entry (or entries) about what users are thankful for each day.


SuperBetter – $4.99

Developed by a game designer after suffering a concussion and depression, this app promotes personal resilience through a fun game format.