CMHS Outreach Services

CMHS Outreach advocates for the balanced and integrated emotional, social, and academic functioning of our diverse community. Guided by our commitment to diversity and social justice, CMHS Outreach strives to create a safe and inclusive environment to enhance the quality of life on our campus.  We aim to reach every member of our community through specialized training which raises awareness, reduces stigma, addresses barriers, and promotes holistic wellness.

Trainings are offered to UConn faculty, staff, and students on an array of topics.  Some commonly requested presentations are listed below or you can contact us to request a workshop tailored to your group.

  1. Stress management
  2. Meditation/mindfulness
  3. Helping students in distress
  4. Narrative 4 – building empathy through story exchange
  5. Helping Everyone Learn to Prevent Suicide (HELPS)


Due to our need to balance outreach services with clinical demand, we encourage community members to provide at least one month’s advance notice when requesting a workshop or interview. 

To request a presentation or interview, please email:

Erin Cox, Psy.D. – Assistant Director, Director of Outreach