CMHS offers consultation services by licensed staff to assist faculty, administrators, residence hall personnel, and others on campus in their daily work with students. Examples of consultation activities include:

  • Providing information on campus and community mental health resources
  • Working with academic advisors in teaching students how to cope with anxiety, stress, anger and depression
  • Assisting in residence hall staff and counselor training
  • Planning strategies to avert a potential crisis
  • Crisis response
  • Grief and loss
  • Managing group conflict

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Requests for Academic Accommodations

Students who are seeking accommodations based upon mental health concerns, particularly for time-limited or immediate issues, are encouraged to negotiate directly with their professors. CMHS Staff may provide students with a “DOCUMENTATION OF VISIT FORM” to verify a student’s consultation at CMHS. CMHS Staff will not write directly to professors to request accommodations on behalf of a student. If students would like further guidance regarding their enrollment, withdrawal, or status, they will be referred to the Dean of Students (DOS) office. CMHS Staff may provide DOS with specific information about treatment [if needed] with a signed release. All other academic accommodations are administrated through the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). With a signed release of information, CMHS Staff can provide the CSD with clinical information to assist in their determination pertaining to an accommodation(s).

Requests for Documentation relative to Dismissal Appeals and Financial Aid Decisions:

Students seeking evidence of mental health concerns as part of appeal processes on campus (often regarding academic dismissal and financial aid decisions) will be provided with documentation of their work with CMHS. This documentation will verify visit dates, and indicate degree of compliance with treatment recommendations. Disclosure of diagnostic information will be limited to individuals who are sufficiently licensed to interpret this information, and who are engaged in the patient’s care. Per our accrediting body, the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS), CMHS does not make admissions, disciplinary, curricular or other administrative decisions involving students. Per state privacy law, disclosures for the purposes of appeals require a written release of information.