Diversity Statement
Student Health and Wellness is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for the UConn community.  We celebrate and honor the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals. We promote social justice and inclusivity throughout UConn and the broader global community through our clinical, outreach, and training services.

Community Support
Student Health and Wellness – Mental Health appreciates our collaborative efforts with others in the UConn Community. In addition to the therapy groups offered at SHaW, we also offer free support groups in partnership with a variety of offices and programs at UConn. To learn more about our current community-based support groups, please call us at 860-486-4705.

Gender Affirmation Support
SHaW therapists are open and affirming to students who wish to address issues related to sexuality, gender expression, and gender identity. For students seeking assistance during their gender transition process, SHaW therapists can provide both therapeutic support as well as letters for gender-related medical interventions as indicated in the course of therapy.
For further information about campus and community resources, please visit the UConn Rainbow Center.

Student Health and Wellness also regularly works in partnership with UConn’s Cultural Centers to host workshops and programming related to mental health topics. Examples of events and workshops in the past year include:
• Student Voices Panel – hosted by the African American Cultural Center as part of UConn’s Suicide Prevention Week.
• Café con Leche – hosted by the Puerto Rican & Latin American Cultural Center as part of UConn’s Suicide Prevention Week.
• Perfectionism & Procrastination workshop – hosted by the Asian American Cultural Center.

If you are interested in bringing a SHaW workshop to your class or student group, please visit our Outreach website to learn more.