Insurance & Billing FAQ

Q: What services are billed to insurance, and what services are free?

A: SHaW – Mental Health provides a wide variety of services to meet the needs of our diverse and active student body.  Our Insurance Fees & Free Services page provides detailed information about which services are billed to insurance and which are free to students.


Q: Are crisis services billed to insurance, or free?

A: SHaW – Mental Health provides mental health crisis services for free; these services are not billed to insurance. If you are in crisis or have an emergency please call us right away (860-486-4705); if you are in a serious and life threatening emergency, please bypass this information and call 911.


Q: What does “fee-for-service” mean?

A: Method of charging whereby a physician or other provider bills for each encounter or service rendered.


Q: What health insurance plans does SHaW – Mental Health participate with?

A: We are currently a participating provider to most plans of Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, CT Medicaid (Husky A, B, C and D), Oxford, United Healthcare, and United Behavioral Health.  Also, the University of Connecticut’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) administered by Consolidated Health Plans, Inc.


Q: What if I have a plan that SHaW – Mental Health does not participate in or accept?

A: Your co-payment, deductible and/or co-insurance may be at a greater financial cost to you under the out-of-network benefits or you may not have any out-of-network coverage. We highly recommend you contact your plan or SHaW – Mental Health Insurance Specialist to know your covered benefit before your first appointment.

  • You may choose to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan which provides unlimited Behavioral Health coverage with the co-pay/deductible waived for services on campus.
  • You may choose to utilize your Out-of-Network benefits.
  • You might consider a referral to a community provider.
  • Some plans provide a “student away from home” benefit; if your insurance has this provision; authorization will be required for our services and your out-of-pocket cost may be as low as your participating benefits.


Q: How does the charge appear on my fee bill

A: Health Services Misc Fee


 Q: What is an EOB (Explanation of Benefit)? Where does it go?

A: The EOB is a record of the fee the doctor requests, the copay you pay, the amount the insurance company agrees to pay to the provider, and any remaining amount to be written off or billed to you, the patient. An EOB looks a lot like a bill, because it is a detailed account of the billing process.  This document may indicate type of service provided, but does not include detailed clinical information.  The person responsible for paying the bill (often the policy holder), will receive an EOB.


Q: What if I have a Federal Pell Grant?

A: A Federal Pell Grant is a form of financial aid given by the federal government based on financial need and does not need to be repaid.  For students who have a Federal Pell Grant, SHaW – Mental Health will bill your insurance and waive your financial balance for services rendered when you have already qualified for this type of grant. You will be responsible for informing our front office staff that you are the recipient of a Federal Pell Grant at the time of scheduling your first appointment. Verification is listed under the “credits” of the term fee bill section on your admin account found at: >UC student financials >Online Term Fee Bill.


Q: Will I be charged if I don’t show for my scheduled appointment?

A: Yes. Failure to cancel a scheduled appointment 24 hours prior to appointment time will result in an automatic charge to your student fee bill of $15.00.  Please contact SHaW – Mental Health minimally 24 hours prior to your appointment if you need to cancel so that we may offer that time to another student in need.


Q: Why would I be assigned a trainee and not a licensed provider?

A: SHaW – Mental Health is committed to preparing the next generation of practitioners in our field. Our comprehensive training program provides clinical internship and practicum training for advanced-level graduate students in clinical psychology and social work.  In this program, our trainees work closely under the supervision of a licensed SHaW – Mental Health provider. Clinical services provided by trainees are not billed to insurance; a $15 flat fee per session applies.  For students where cost may pose a barrier to care, assignment to a trainee may be appropriate.


Q: Who do I contact with Mental Health Insurance questions?

A: You may call Counseling and Mental Health Services at 860-486-4705.


Q: What’s the difference between Student Health Services and Counseling & Mental Health Services?

A: Counseling & Mental Health Services (SHaW – Mental Health) is under the umbrella of Student Health and Wellness (SHaW) at UConn Storrs, but is located in a separate building (Arjona).  Our insurance practices are also different from SHaW – Medical Care.  If you have questions about insurance at SHaW – Medical Care, please contact their billing office at 860-486-0745.  For questions related to insurance at SHaW – Mental Health, please contact our office at 860-486-4705.


The above information is unique to SHaW – Mental Health only.

For Information about the University-sponsored Insurance Plan or Student Health and Wellness – Medical Care Insurance & Billing, please visit