Insurance Fees & Free Services

Student Health and Wellness - Mental Health (SHaW - Mental Health) uses a fee-for-service billing model, similar to your private physician’s office.  Many of these charges are reimbursable by the University-sponsored plan or other private health insurance plans based on your benefits.  Should you have any concerns related to the use of insurance at SHaW - Mental Health, or the costs of services, please do not hesitate to contact SHaW - Mental Health.

Please note:

  • Before we can schedule your initial appointment, we will require your insurance information.
  • Present your Insurance ID card at the time of service.
  • Claims are automatically filed for participating plan primary coverage. SHaW - Mental Health will also submit claims for insurance(s) you have in addition to your primary coverage for services rendered at SHaW - Mental Health.
  • The student is responsible for co-payment or other fees upon visit which can be paid in full at the time of the visit by cash, credit, or Husky Bucks or paid later via the student fee bill.

To learn more about SHaW - Mental Health insurance visit our Insurance & Billing FAQs page.


 Billable Services
Description/ Appointment Type
 Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview  $240.00
 Individual Psychotherapy (16-37 minutes)  $101.00
 Individual Psychotherapy (38-52 minutes)  $126.00
 Family Psychotherapy (45-50 minutes)  $165.00
 Group Psychotherapy  $62.00
 Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview
Initial and Urgent Assessments
 Pharmacologic Management (25 minutes)  $152.00
 Pharmacologic Management (15 minutes)  $106.00
 Medication plus Psychotherapy add-on code
(16-37 minutes)
 SHaW - Mental Health Doctoral Interns and Trainees:
 Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview  $15.00
 Individual Psychotherapy (16-37 minutes)  $15.00
 Individual Psychotherapy (38-52 minutes)  $15.00
 Family Psychotherapy (45-50 minutes)  $15.00
 ADHD Assessment  $20.00
Free Services
24/7 On-Call for mental health crises
Initial phone assessment (triage)
Meditation & Neurofeedback classes
Yoga for Stress Relief classes
Consultation & Support Drop-In
RIO Mindfulness Workshops
Case Management