Meditation & Neurofeedback

Meditation class

Based on the successful feedback from a pilot research study conducted in Spring 2018, CMHS is unveiling a new Meditation and Neurofeedback-Based Mindfulness Program that will allow members of the UConn community (students, faculty, and staff) access to free meditation classes as well as instruction on how to use EEG-neurofeedback equipment to enhance your meditation practice.

UConn community members are invited to attend as many meditation classes as they like.  For those interested in trying real-time neurofeedback-assisted meditation, we offer an introductory session following your meditation class.  Participants will learn about a Neurofeedback device called Muse, how to use the Muse app and device in combination with a meditation practice, and will subsequently be permitted to use the CMHS Yoga & Meditation room anytime during business hours (except Tuesdays between 1:30-4:30, and Thursdays 11:00-1:15) for their Muse meditation.

Classes will be limited to 30 participants, on a first come basis.

Summer 2019 Schedule: No formal classes will be offered during the summer months, however members of the UConn community are welcome to use the CMHS Yoga & Meditation Room (Arjona 403) during business hours for individual meditation.