SHaW Outreach Services

SHaW Outreach advocates for the balanced and integrated emotional, social, and academic functioning of our diverse community. Guided by our commitment to diversity and social justice, SHaW Outreach strives to create a safe and inclusive environment to enhance the quality of life on our campus.  We aim to reach every member of our community through specialized training which raises awareness, reduces stigma, addresses barriers, and promotes holistic wellness.

Trainings are offered to UConn faculty, staff, and students on an array of topics.  Some commonly requested presentations are listed below or you can contact us to request a workshop tailored to your group.

  1. Stress Management – This interactive workshop covers a range of stress management solutions, including mind/body and cognitive strategies.  A brief overview of SHaW – Mental Health services is included.  The workshop is typically done in 45-60 minutes, and is geared towards student groups ranging in size from 15-500 students.
  2. Meditation/Mindfulness – Learn more about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness through this experiential workshop, which can be done in 30-60 minutes.  This is best for audiences of 15-100 participants.
  3. Helping Students in Distress – This informative and interactive workshop helps participants learn the warning signs that someone is in distress, basic helping skills, and provides an overview of campus and national resources for those in crisis.  This workshop is best done in 60-90 minutes, in groups between 15-100 participants, and is helpful for students, faculty, and staff.
  4. Healthy Relationships – Learn more about establishing and maintaining healthy relationships from one of our Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists.  This workshop includes a brief overview of SHaW – Mental Health services, is typically 45-60 minutes long, and is geared towards student groups ranging in size from 15-100 students.
  5. Narrative 4 – This immersive workshop uses the power of story exchange to build empathy within and across groups.  This workshop takes a minimum of three hours, as participants are introduced to the story exchange model, paired for a story exchange, and then partake in a group process and debriefing.  This workshop is offered to students, faculty, and staff, and is best for groups of 10 or more.
  6. Helping Everyone Learn to Prevent Suicide (HELPS) – Adapted from the nationally recognized Campus Connects training, UConn HELPS is an interactive suicide prevention training that focuses on the importance of communication and connection.  In this two hour training, participants will learn how to recognize warning signs, use empathic listening techniques, and provide compassionate support to those in crisis.  Offered to students, faculty, and staff, this training is best done in groups ranging in size from 15-30 participants.


Due to our need to balance outreach services with clinical demand, we encourage community members to provide at least one month’s advance notice when requesting a workshop or interview. 

To request a presentation, program, or interview, please click here. Please keep in mind we will not be conducting any in person programming at this time, and that some programs may not be available virtually.