Psychiatric Medications

In consultation with your CMHS therapist, you may decide your presenting problem is more thoroughly understood as a medical illness that could benefit from psychiatric medication in conjunction with your counseling therapy. To help you decide if medications would be beneficial for you, your therapist may arrange for you to have a psychiatric assessment with a CMHS psychiatrist or an advanced practice registered nurse.

The links from this page are designed to help UConn students who are considering taking psychiatric medications, or who have already been prescribed psychiatric medications, in order to help them get the most out of their treatment.

Your Psychiatric Assessment
Meeting with a psychiatrist or a psychiatric nurse for the first time may be an unfamiliar experience. Here is information about what to expect during your initial assessment interview.

Continuity of Care
If you travel back-and-forth between your hometown and UConn during academic breaks, it is important for you to have care providers in both locations. Learn about how you can transfer care from one location to another.

Starting Psychiatric Medication
If you are considering medication treatment or have just begun to take a prescribed medication, the way you approach your treatment can have a big effect on how successful it is for you. Here are some important considerations to promote a successful medication treatment.

Tips for Managing Medication
As a busy student, it requires special attention to remember to take your medication. The university environment can present some predictable challenges to managing your medication. Check out these strategies that may help you notice and overcome any challenges you may encounter.

Finding a Psychiatric Treatment Provider
Learn about how you to find a qualified medical doctor or advanced practice registered nurse.

Medication FAQS
Find answers to commonly asked questions about taking psychiatric medications.


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