Relationships are integral parts of our lives and significant sources of support, companionship, intimacy, and well-being. Relationships can feel effortless and exciting in the beginning but it is not always easy to develop and maintain a relationship. College can be a time for new and different kinds of relationships; roommates, casual dating, serious dating, friendships, professional relationships, and sexual relationships. It is often that we experience a conflict with an academic advisor, our roommates, or friends/romantic partners. When conflict occurs in these relationships this might cause a range of feelings including frustration, confusion, stress, anxiety, and sadness.

While conflict is a natural part of life and relationships, it can be helpful to know how to develop and maintain satisfying relationships that are strong, honest, and respectful. You can manage and navigate your relationships by developing interpersonal skills such as basic communication, conflict resolution, active listening, and limit setting.

If you are concerned about interpersonal violence are an abusive relationship, please do not hesitate to ask for support and help from our office by calling 860-486-4705.