Workshop: Stress Management

Goal: To arm students with skills and strategies to maximize their well-being in the university context.

Core Components:  The following qualities serve as core components to this intervention

  • Ready Access: The rhythm of the semester means that many students present with time-limited concerns. Groups are offered 4x a week, and students will be able enter service after brief triage and orientation screening sessions.
  • Solution and Goal-Focused: Staff therapists will meet with all students prior to their first session to assist in setting appropriate goals and utilizing these to guide their progress.
  • Highlight Resiliency: This intervention focuses on students’ resiliency and strengths and highlights ways that these might be applied to current concerns and identified goals.
  • Social Support: This intervention will be offered in a group format. Students will be provided with an opportunity for ventilation of feelings and support. Group interventions reduce of isolation and promote a sense of universality.
  • Educational & Developmental Focus: A focus of the group will be to provide students with basic information about mental health and college student development so that they can better understand their experience.
  • Skill Development: Students will be taught basic self-management and coping skills. Students will be provided with opportunities for in-group practice of skills and offered structured homework so that they may engage in self-guided skill development and practice.
    • Utilization of Self-Help Resources, including technology: This intervention may invite students to engage with technology, including applications that help name and describe emotions, track self-care strategies and outcomes.

Admission/Referral/Scheduling Process:

  • Assessed via Triage: Students new to CMHS will be offered a triage assessment.  If they are appropriate for this level of service they will be offered a workshop orientation appointment time, and instructed to complete CMHS intake paperwork.
  • Referred from Current CMHS Provider: Students who are already in service at CMHS and are assessed to no longer require individual therapy or general group therapy, may be referred by their current provider as appropriate. Students should be scheduled for a workshop orientation session. Resilience should be seen as a “step-down” service from individual and general psychotherapy group levels of care.
  • Orientation Sessions:  All students must enter this service via an Orientation Session. These are 30-minute appointments held daily prior to group meetings. Focus of orientation is to set individual goals and orient new students to purpose, structure and expectations of group.  Multiple students may be booked into one orientation session.
  • Referral to other levels of care: If during the course of orientation or group it becomes evident that a student no longer meets criteria for group, or would be better served by a different level of care, CMHS provider/Resilience Leader will meet with student individually to make appropriate referrals.
  • FEE: This service is considered a CORE service of CMHS, serving our outreach education mission, and is not billed.
  • Schedule: The Resilience Group Will Run M,T,TH, F from 3:30 – 4:30 with orientation sessions from 3:00 – 3:30.