Your Psychiatric Assessment

What to Expect During Your Initial Appointment

conversation image. your psychiatric assessment

Before you decide if medication treatment is right for you, you will participate in a full assessment with a psychiatrist or an advanced practice registered nurse. Because biological, psychological, and sociological factors all influence how you think, feel, and behave, you can expect a holistic bio-psycho-social assessment of a variety of aspects of your presenting problem.

Unlike the initial interview with other mental health professionals where you are likely to be asked to do most of the talking, during the assessment interview for medication management, the doctor or nurse is often more actively involved in talking and asking most of the questions. To ensure a thorough understanding of your presenting problems, you are likely to be asked some questions again that you may have already answered in your initial evaluation with your therapist.


At the Conclusion of Your Assessment:

Your doctor or nurse will provide you with a clinical opinion regarding whether your presenting problem is part of a treatable medical illness.

If medications are recommended, you will be provided with information about a variety of treatment options.

Your medication assessment will conclude with an opportunity to ask questions during a discussion of benefits, risks, side effects of medications, as well as alternatives to medical treatment.